Pre-Sales Preparation

Just about everybody these days knows to get their car valeted before they try and sell it, they know they are more likely to get the asking price if they get it clean and shiny.

But what about the rest of the stuff?

What about the door dings? The scuffed alloy wheels and worn patch on the leather seats?

Here at Wheel Wizards, we understand all these little bits of damage mount up to make your car look old and tired, and that they can also knock thousands of pounds off the value! However, most people are suprised to learn that the cost of having this damage repaired is small by comparison.

This is why we offer our hugely popular Pre-Sales Preparation service. In fact, when we advise our customers, it’s our aim that for every pound you spend, you’ll get back three when you sell your car. Yes, with our Pre-Sales Preparation service you can treble your money… or more!

And just as importantly, having the nicest car listed means you’ll get a quick sale meaning you can enjoy your money and your new car all the sooner.

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